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  • 1997On December 1st, Villa Infantil Jesus and Dolores Martinez is legally constituted as private assistance institution.

  • 1998-1999Some adjustments are made to the property in order to receive children who have been abandoned, abused or with omission of care in the state of Queretaro.

  • 2000On January 6th Villa Infantil Jesus y Dolores Martinez IAP opens. By the middle of the month the first children were received, who were assigned by the Office of the Defense of Children and Families, and begun the mission in Queretaro city.

  • 2001On September 30th, Villa Infantil Jesus y Dolores Martinez was uninhabitable through collapse of part of the building. Children were placed in another home to resolve the situation.

  • 2002The municipality of Queretaro granted an area of 1500 m2 after the incident to build the new Children's Villa, in Portal de Samaniego # 100, in Lomas de San Pedrito Peñuelas.

  • 2003-04-05Villa Infantil Jesus and Dolores Martinez is constructed after great efforts in the new location. All children are installed in another house with all the activity for their overall development.

  • 2006The new facilities of Villa Dolores Martinez Child Jesus and IAP were opened up, with 18 children.

  • 2007-2008Villa Infantil Jesus and Dolores Martinez keeps working, while children adapt and population increases.

  • 2009The 1350 Trust to support the care and rehabilitation of alcoholism and drug addiction in the state donated the amount of $ 1,982,400 pesos for Villa Juvenil and the CIAP. The Municipality of Queretaro made the donation of 3,252 square meters of adjoining land for this construction.

  • 2010Placement of the foundation stone of Villa Juvenil and CIAP in the land donated by the city of Queretaro.

  • 2011Villa Infantil obtained the following awards:
    Triple-C Queretano distinctive: Confidence, Stewardship & commitment.
    First place: Statewide Altruism Award
    Third Place: Nationwide Altruism Award.

  • 2012Conformation and active participation in House Home Red. Diagnosis Model Institutional Commitment. Again Villa Infantil gets the Distinctive Queretano Triple-C: Confidence, Stewardship & commitment.

  • 2013Villa Child Jesus and Dolores Martinez IAP receives the Laurel recognition for performance, transparency and social empathy.

  • 2014Villa Infantil image is renewed - SMILING Villa Infantil

  • 2015We received recognition for obtaining the optimum level from Transparency and Institutionality Indicators in civil society organizations that pursue cases based on the principles of solidarity, philanthropy and social responsibility.


The mission of Villa Infantil is to reintegrate successfully children of all ages who have suffered from abuse into society through comprehensive education and emotional support, forming successful people who can forge a better future for Mexico.


The vision of Villa Infantil is to be a foster home for children and teenagers in the State of Querétaro and to be a leader having continuous improvements in its infrastructure and life project.


To help create a life projects for children and adolescents without a home in the state of Queretaro, always seeking to offer a comprehensive formation, meeting their basic needs and their growth in emotional, educational, athletic, cultural, moral and spiritual matters during their stay in our institution.


To acknowledge the possibilities of development for each child and to empower and secure them through structure programs to improve the quality of their lives.

To endow each child and teenager with knowledge and values that will allow them to overcome physical and psychological hardships so they can feel happy and secure.


  • Respect
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Quality


PresidentSra. Mercedes Martínez Barragán
Vice-PresidentLic. Ana Bertha Azuara Gárate
SecretaryIng. Javier Esparza Pimentel
TreasurerLic. Miriam Guadalupe Zepeda González

Lic. Víctor José Álvarez Hernández
Lic. Moisés Gutiérrez Martínez
Lic. Adrián Rivera Félix
Lic. Andrés Luis Povea Zuleta
Lic. Esperanza Paredes Aguirre
Arq. Juan Ricardo Torres Landa Ruffo
Lic. Bárbara Martorell Gutiérrez
Ing. Héctor Mendoza Pesquera


Portal de Samaniego No. 100
Col. Lomas de San Pedrito Peñuelas
Santiago de Querétaro,
Qro. C.P. 76148
Teléfono: (442) 261 2130