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Villa Infantil Jesus Dolores Martinez IAP is a non-profit, legally incorporated, and governed by bodies such as the Board of Private Assistance (JAP)* and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

Board of Private Assistance
302/JAP/97* The Board of Private Assistance (JAP) is an official endorser for Villa Infantil Jesus Dolores Martinez IAP.
Junta de asistencia privada del estado de queretaroThe JAP is semiannually informed about deductibility management, working with volunteers and social service, persons receiving economic restitution by the institution, the overall situation of beneficiaries and financial reports. And an annual report with the activities undertaken during the year.

We report quarterly to the Municipal DIF System about our income and expenses.Log DIF Municipio Queretaro

Exp. 4314
Folio: 233766

Villa Infantil Jesús y Dolores Martínez IAP is registered with the Public Credit and Finance Secretariat (SHCP) and regulators. It presented a tax opinion and annual statement. Also, it is part of the transparency portal.SHCP

The Mexican Center for Philanthropy, A.C. recognized us for reaching the optimal level of the Institutions and Transparency Indicators in civil society organizations.

Thanks to some of these institutions and others for recognizing the work and effort we do in Villa Infantil. Their recognition reinforces our commitment and encourages us to continue with this labor.

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Portal de Samaniego No. 100
Col. Lomas de San Pedrito Peñuelas
Santiago de Querétaro,
Qro. C.P. 76148
Teléfono: (442) 261 2130